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Zinc Acetate
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Product Details

Chemical name: C4H6O4Zn·2H2O
Molecular weight: 219.51

Product parameters

Acetic acid testPass test
PH ( 5% solution)6.0-8.0
Water insoluble matter %≤0.005
Chloride mg/kg≤50
Sulfate mg/kg≤100
Alkali and alkaline earth %≤0.2
Organic volatile impuritiesPass test
Iron mg/kg≤50
Arsenic mg/kg≤3
Lead mg/kg≤20
Cadmium mg/kg≤5

Properties: hexahedral scale or flaky crystal, with acetic acid, soluble in water and ethyl alcohol.
Uses: The product can be used in preparing zinc salt, mordant, wood preservative, reagent, etc.
Packing: 25kg paper-plastic compound bag
Storage and transportation: Keep away from oxidant, edible chemicals. To protect from direct sunlight, rain and heat. The transport vehicles shall be equipped with fire equipment and leakage treatment equipment.