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Ammonium Acetate
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Product Details

Chemical name: CH3COONH4
Molecular weight: 77.08
CAS: 631-61-8

Product parameters

ParametersReagent gradePharmaceutical grade
Clarity testQualifiedQualified
Water insoluble matter %≤0.002≤0.005
Chloride %≤0.001≤0.003
Sulfate %≤0.005≤0.005
Phosphate %≤0.0002≤0.0005
Magnesium % ≤0.0002≤0.0005
Aluminum %≤0.0005≤0.001
Calcium %≤0.002≤0.005
Iron %≤0.0002≤0.0005
Copper %≤0.0005≤0.001
Lead %≤0.0005≤0.001
Potassium permanganate-reducing≤0.01≤0.02

Properties: White triangular crystal, with acetic acid odor. Soluble in water and ethyl alcohol, insoluble in acetone.
Uses: As analytical reagent, meat preservative, buffer, etc.
Packing: 25kg paper-plastic compound bag
Storage and transportation: non-dangerous article, it should be tightly sealed to protect from packing damage.